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Keeping Our Talent in the Game (continued)

...beneficiary of this kind of support, and I have been a benefactor to others.

By providing this mutual support within the community of hardworking, productive people, we all benefit and the standard of living for everyone improves. It isn’t collectivism, it’s synergy. It is a group of driven individuals who recognize that they can accomplish more, working together, unified in common goals. On the national level, this synergy has been the catalyst for the greatest improvements in the human condition in the history of the world.

The educational system in the U.S. is a perfect example of this concept; so is the infrastructure. We all support general education for all children because we know that an educated population is key to our future development as a nation. We all support the building and maintenance of roads, bridges, railways, and ports because we know that they are key to our commercial competitiveness and survival.

The concept of synergy is the basis for my advocacy in healthcare. Universal healthcare isn’t a handout; or a socialist program. It is an essential concept in a highly productive society that values its participants. Whether they cut grass for a living; answer the phones at your business; or sit on your board of directors; they all contribute to the synergy that has made this nation what it is today.

As I write this, I’m watching a professional football game. These teams invest big money in their talent. When a player gets hurt and goes on injured reserve, the team doesn’t discard them. They put them into the best medical care that money can buy. They do this for (at least) two reasons:

  1. The team has made a significant investment in that individual player, and they need him healthy so he can get back into the game. Likewise, we as a nation invest a lot of real capital into our people. We need to help them stay healthy (or get healthy again) so they can get back in the game.
  2. If the players on that team think that getting injured will lead to them being discarded by that organization, they are not going to put their bodies, hearts, and souls into giving their best efforts in the game. For the sake of team morale and esprit de corps, these organizations know that they must take care of their players to get the most out of them on game day.

Universal healthcare is an absolute necessity in this country if we are going to continue to thrive as a nation! Please join us in our advocacy on this important issue. Look through our discussions on the advocacy page and formulate your position about it. Then, get involved! Write to your Congressman and let them know you support the concept of universal healthcare and that you expect them too as well.

It is not a simple issue. A truly effective universal healthcare system will require a re-thinking about how the government regulates the interaction between the medical community, drug companies, and insurance providers. That said, the time to act on this issue is now! We (as a nation) spend trillions of dollars overseas building hospitals, and on educating medical personnel internationally. It’s time we invested at least some of that money in our own people.